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  •     You can view all the final Intelligent Grid Cluster Reports from the new look Resources and Publications section.
  •  You can download a copy of the  Australian Decentralised Energy Roadmap which was launched today by Honourable Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy; Minister for Tourism The event will take place in Sydney on the 15 December,to the launch of the report developed by the University of Technology, Sydney.  The Roadmap is intended to provide a concise and practical blueprint for accelerating the deployment of distributed energy in the form of energy efficiency, load management, distributed generation and smart metering in Australia.  Click here to download the Roadmap


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Optimal Siting

Full name
Optimal siting and dispatch of distributed generators

This project investigates a range of generation technologies and their placement within the network to find the best opportunities for investment in certain technologies. Specifically, the project will use dynamic programming to guide the optimal scheduling for wind, solar, fuel cell and combustion generation given a grid-operating condition, and from there develop practical algorithms to intelligently respond to the grid requirements and customer needs.

In recent years, inverter prices have been falling and significant advances have occurred in battery technology. This means distributed generation can be more competitive with traditional generation than in the past.  Further, distributed storage can provide an attractive method of providing distributed generation support to a grid that is disrupted. One type of high-energy battery can also absorb energy off-peak and return that energy at peak times to provided enhanced network capacity.

The network studies will seek to develop tools to quantify network benefits of distributed generations such as:

reliability of supply
voltage support
harmonic reduction
dynamic stability
reduction in system losses

Research Team:
Queensland University of Technology

Expected Outcomes
Optimised siting of distributed generation to maximise reliability of distribution networks.

Better management of distributed generators to avoid or eliminate oscillation and harmful feedback.

Improved protection systems to integrate and manage islanded distributed generation supplies.

Reduced network losses and associated greenhouse gas emissions, by optimal siting of distributed resources

Controller for network-optimized performance for gas turbines and inverters.

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